Kinya 'Zulu' Tsuruyama

Zulu was a true Butohist. He was my very first ButohTeacher at a workshop at AsbestosKan. He was a mentor and good friend. (1966-2020)


Akaji Maro & Dairakudakan

All of the members I worked with were great teachers to me.


Especially I owe Masatora Ishikawa who has trained me with my first performance Freedom.

Special thanks to Jun Wakabayashi, Takuya Muramatsu, Kumotaro Mukai, Ikko Tamura, Reiko Yaegashi, Yuko Kobayashi, Ryo Yamamoto,  Atsuko Imai, Akiko Takakuwa and of course Akaji Maro for the welcome and informal feeling that made me feel home at Kochuten throughout the years.



Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio

Only once I had the honor to meet Ohno Kazuo during a class. However, Ohno Yoshito is one of the most beautiful spirits I ever met.


Yumiko Yoshioka

Yumiko invented Body Resonance - a unique dance style based on Butoh and Organic Movement and is co-foundress of TEN PEN CHii art labor at Schloss Broellin. Throuhout the years she became a good friend to me.

Yuko Kaseki

Based in Berlin, Yuko gave a workshop in Vienna once. She is co-foundress of cokaseki.


Runa Hatariy

First my student, then member of my ButohCompany MayuKan she now is my companion in spirit and co-foundress of ButohKan Mayu - ButohCenter Austria.



We met personally and in spirit at the DanceFestival 'Dance Ga Mitai 10' where we performed the same day.


Stefan Marb

Stefan combines elements of Butoh with Elements of New Dance, Contact, Improvisation and DanceTheater. Based in Munich, he sometimes gives Workshops in Vienna.


Sprudel Sprudel

Das begehbare Konzert für Kunst, Kultur und Natur. (The walk-in concert for art, culture and nature).

Raw Matters

Ein ungeschliffener Performance-Abend. (An unpolished performance evening).




Das OFF Theater

Theater Nestroyhof / Hamakom

Neue Bühne Villach

Tanz & Theater Zentrum Graz

Sankai Juku

Their dance inspired me to focus much more on Noguchi Taisou. Workshops with some members gave me a glimpse of their work.


Yoko Honaga

Dancer, Performer, Composer, Musician, Painter

Sonja Heller

Dancer, Performer, Artist, Composer, ButohInstructor

Caroline Heinecke

Dancer, Performer, Artist

MaRia Probst

Dancer, Somatic Educator and Tuina Practitioner (see also: shenmotion)

Mona Schramke

Actress, Dancer, Meditation Instructor (see also: meditas)

Evgenia Stavropoulou-Traska

Actress, Performer, Puppet Player, Narrator

Bernhard Weiss

Musician, Composer

 Matthias Jakisic

Musician, Composer

Stefan Voglsinger

Musician, Performer

Heinrich Unterhofer

Composer, Conductor

Bruno Strobl

Composer, Conductor

Birgit Moertl

BodyPainter, FashionDesigner

Otto Jekel

Photographer, Painter

Bettina Francan

Artist (1967-2016)

Barbara Jung

Architect, Geomancy and Radiaesthesia Practitioner

Yukie Ikeda


Joanna Piestrzynska

Stage Designer

Irene Herrera

Photographer, Filmmaker, Journalist

Urhof 20 - Kulturverein Grünbacherhof

Flucht nach Vorn - Verein zur Förderung von Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Fluchterfahrung











Tiziana Longo & Motoya Kondo trained for 5 years at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, studying and working as dancers and stage assistants of Yoshito Ohno. Today based in Berlin they define dance as a way to experience deeper reality of our existence and are experimenting to create a new authentic dance method beyond any genre.





Europäische Theaternacht (Austria)

European Theatre Night:





Lalish Theaterlabor














Stefan Lechner

Master Builder